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African Friends is een groep Nederlandse vrijwilligers die zich inzet om de enorme negatieve gevolgen van de Aids/HIV epidemie op het leven van kinderen te verminderen.

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Door onder meer de verkoop van in Zuid-Afrika gemaakte sieraden genereren wij de benodigde fondsen.

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Dear Maureen Hope you and Renee are well.Thank you for your kind sms after the news of Mandela's death. Hereby the text you asked for to put on the site Sorry, as always it took a bit longer than expected. It seems that after all these years and after the impact of many interventions that many believe aids is beaten. Reality is far from that. The scale of it is still massive .In South Africa there are about 2, 4 million people under treatment and that number is rising . The aids affected orphans increase in number .There is a continuous process of finding them homes. The foster grant system is struggling under the burden of the numbers. And the need of the organisations we support remains as strong as ever, together with our commitment to support them. Thokomala and Kwamzamo continue providing homes for the purpose of caring for aids affected children. Thokomala ,this year intends to convert an existing building to become another home .It will cost some Euro 7000. They have raised some E4000 and need some. E3000 more. So we intend to contribute to that fund . South Africa has suffered a great loss in the passing of Nelson Mandela. He was and will always be such an example to us all in his kindness, his perceverence, his will power,his empathy and so much more not in the least the big place aids affected children had in his heart and all he did for them. We are continuing our involvement in Kwamzamo and Thokomala in advising the boards that are running the homes and Roger still oversees their financial books as always and has regular meetings to help where needed and contribute financially. We thank all our loyall" african friends "for their donations and help in the past and hopefully in the coming year. Without your help the lives of the children that are living in the homes would be very different and not as positve as it is today. Siyabonga Kakulu, Salagathli We thank you,Stay well, Roger and Friederike Macquet,dec 2013


is een kindertehuis voor kinderen die door Aids en HIV in erbarmelijke omstandigheden terecht zijn gekomen.

Sommigen van hen zijn wees. Hun gemeenschappelijke factor is dat ze zonder hulp geen menswaardig bestaan, laat staan een toekomst perspectief hebben.

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