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African Friends is an international group of non-paid volunteers raising funds for children in South Africa who, as a result of Aids/HIV, live in wretched circumstances.

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One of our methods for generating the required funds is by selling ornaments which are made in South Africa.

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Who we are?

African Friends was initiated in the Netherlands medio 2005 by Dutch Frederike Macquet-Visser and her husband, South African Roger Macquet.

Frederike and Roger are involved in helping the local community and were asked to help children that were affected by HIV/Aids and to assist practically and financially by setting up children’'s homes.

Roger Macquet is a local businessman but spends most of his free time helping the projects practically and financially.

Frederike Macquet lives partially in the Netherlands and partially in South Africa and,while in the Netherlands, was the initiator in forming the board of African Friends. She and her husband have been very successfully raising funds and are helped by larger organizations as NCDO and Orange Babies, as well as by private donations. (see page ‘’african friends’’on this site)

On the board are Ellen Daams, secretary and accounts, Ineke van der Gugten, sales, Maureen van Trappe ambassador and Frederike Macquet, P.R. and marketing.


is a home for Aids-affected children, to the south of Durban. It was started by Raymond Madondo and a local committee in response to the traditional and local leaders’ request to enable these children to be cared for within their community rather than be sent away from their areas to formal children’s homes. There are no homes in their direct areas.