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African Friends is an international group of non-paid volunteers raising funds for children in South Africa who, as a result of Aids/HIV, live in wretched circumstances.

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One of our methods for generating the required funds is by selling ornaments which are made in South Africa.

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It seems that after all these years and after the impact of many interventions that many believe aids is beaten. Reality is far from that. The scale of it is still massive. In South Africa there are about 2, 4 million people under treatment and that number is rising. The aids affected orphans increase in number. There is a continuous process of finding them homes.

The foster grant system is struggling under the burden of the numbers. And the need of the organisations we support remains as strong as ever, together with our commitment to support them.

Thokomala and Kwamzamo continue providing homes for the purpose of caring for aids affected children. Thokomala ,this year intends to convert an existing building to become another home. It will cost some Euro 7000. They have raised some E4000 and need some. E3000 more. So we intend to contribute to that fund.

South Africa has suffered a great loss in the passing of Nelson Mandela. He was and will always be such an example to us all in his kindness, his perceverance, his will power,his empathy and so much more not in the least the big place aids affected children had in his heart and all he did for them.

We are continuing our involvement in Kwamzamo and Thokomala in advising the boards that are running the homes and Roger still oversees their financial books as always and has regular meetings to help where needed and contribute financially.

We thank all our loyal" african friends "for their donations and help in the past and hopefully in the coming year. Without your help the lives of the children that are living in the homes would be very different and not as positive as it is today.

Siyabonga Kakulu, Salagathli,

We thank you,

Stay well,

Roger and Friederike Macquet,dec 2013,



Valued contributor , interested party and supporter ,

We would like to thank you for what you have done for our children in the orphanages of Kwamzamo and Thokomala in South Africa during the last year. With the holidays in sight it gives you and us an extra warm thought to help them so. We therefore sincerely hope that you and they will have a Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year .

We also wish to take this opportunity to inform you that African Friends Netherlands will continue in a downsized version in the coming years. We are literally such a small group of volunteers that have to take a step back. We are forced to stop our outside activities and on location. The board of the children's homes is also increasingly taken over by the local leadership which was always the goal of African Friends. But in the background ,support will continue to be given,especially by the Family Macquet. We will therefore work more under the umbrella of our NGO in South Africa and your donations and support will still be warmly welcomed at the same bank account in the Netherlands and our website and email address will also be maintained.

We hope we can continue to count on your much-needed support.


African Friends

Ineke van der Gugten , Maureen Trappe , Frederike Macquet Fisher and Ellen Daams


summer activities 

On Sunday 21july and Sunday 18 august we will be setting up a stall at the Bricabrac in Noordwijkerhout in the hope of making some money for the orphanages with the sale of bric a brac and the lovely bead work from Kwa Zulu Natal. We also have a lot of very good quality books,both hardbacks and paperbacks which have been donated. Please let us know if you have an outlet for these books.

On September 14th we will be at the very popular Vijfhuizen Braderie with our stall for African Friends. The beadwork is being sold now at very, very reasonable prices. You have a unique piece of fashion jewellry as a gift or for yourself and you are helping two groups of disadvantaged people-the orpahns and the women who make the jewellry who have been widowed by AIDS/HIV.





On Friday 14th June class MP2 from the Rijnlands International Lyceum in Oegstgeest held a bake sale on behalf of African Friends. The pupils had baked cakes and sold these during the two mornings breaks at school. Posters with photos of the children of the two children' s homes in South Africa showed for which good cause the funds were intended.
The sale yielded a total of 160 euro!
In the afternoon, a representitive of African Friends went to the school to give the students some background information about African Friends. They were inthusiastic and asked pointed questions.
MP2 Class, thanks a million for your efforts.



Christmas market in Bornholm,Hoofddorp December 14th 10-16

Do come along to this very popular seasonal market with lots of stalls for Christmas gifts and decorations. I have just come back from Kwa Zulu Natal where I visited both orphanages and brought some special decorations and small gifts to sell and support African Friends. Please don't forget that December 1st is World Aids Day and by buying one of our gifts you will be contributing to such a worthy cause.

Book Market held in November in Haarlem

African Friends did have a stall at the yearly Book Market in the St Bavo Cathedral earlier this month. We were supported by the doctors from the Lung department of the Kennemer Gasthuis who paid the fee for the stall. It was not so well attended as in previous years but that can be accounted to more e-readers and the crisis we are told!

African festival in Amsterdam--Afrovibes--26 t/m 29 September 2012

African Friends will have a stand there on 26 & 27 September to promote their fundraising and sell the typical bead work of Kwa Zulu Natal.

The location is the Township Cafe at MC Theater , Westergasfabriek.

From Sepember 26 till 29, the Afrovibes festival will take place in the MC theater, Westergasterrein, Amsterdam.

The festival is a great mix of theatre, dance and music, performed by artists from South Africa. Between performances you can enjoy typical African snacks and meals in the Township Café. There you will find the African Friends  stand, displaying its selection of beaded ornaments etc. The sale of these articles is on behalf of our children's home in South Africa.

Afrovibes festival is a lively cultural festival with performances of a high quality.

Savour the sounds and tastes of Africa-a fantastic program of music,song,theatre and dance.

For all you Africa fans this is not to be missed-only once in 2 years is this spectacle held before moving on to other  destinations in the Netherlands and England later this Autumn.

Hope to see you there!

 Township Café

Toko MC & MC & Afrovibes

Just hang out in the Township Café, heart of the festival and the hub for a host of festival fringe events with authentic African food and drink. A meeting-place to engage with visiting actors, directors and poets through a host of activities. Simply turn up to see what happens. Afrovibes is more fun than just a show - it’s an experience.
Ntjam Rosie and late night clubbing. (check en voor actuele line-up). Toko MC & MC & Afrovibes

Autumn market Hoofddorp september 19 2012

A beautiful Autumn day and lots of interesting stalls with the focus on handwork at Bornholm again. A really warm atmosphere and quite a lot of interest on our stall and the display cabinet next to it. We were able to make a very colourful display with souvenirs from our South African travels showing off the beautiful bead work from Kwa Zulu Natal.  This display will be there for another month and sales are via the Reception.

At the Christmas market on December 14th we hope to have some unique African Christmas decorations for sale!

Spring Market in Hoofddorp March 21 2012

On a beautiful Spring day African Friends set up their stall in the Rehabilitation Centre "Bornholm". The main Reception and Hall were full of stalls varying from bric-a-brac,flower arranging,2nd hand clothes,massages, to craft classes and our stall with its beautiful bead work made in Kwa Zulu Natal and photos of the children at the orphanages together with information on the different ways to support African Friends. This time there were homemade cupcakes and brownies to enjoy with the coffee and tea breaks. It was such warm weather that many visitors stayed outside on the terrace and due to an influenza epidemic many of the patients were not able to attend the market. But it was a friendly atmosphere and another opportunity for us to spread the word about African Friends.

In September the necklaces and hand made articles from Kwa Zulu Natal will be for sale in the Reception area of Bornholm in case any of you would like to purchase something to support the orphanages. They have been reduced in price as a summer sale offer. They really are a unique and fashionable gift!

Book Markets in May & June 2012




In a beautiful location in Haarlem,the Nieuwekerksplein, African Friends had a stall on the 12th May and 16th June 2012 with a varied collection of new and 2nd hand books donated by friends and family who wished to support our cause. The weather was challenging to say the least especially in May when it was cold and very windy. Even though the amount raised was not huge it is greatly appreciated when converted to Rand to support the childrens education and wellbeing.

Sadly the organisation who set up these book markets have decided to cancel the two remaining dates this year as it gets more and more difficult to sell books! The e-reader and Kindle have taken over! If any of our readers should hear of book markets being held in their area or know of anyone wishing to take over our stock please contact us.

Africa Day 21st January 2012

On 21 January the African  Friends stand was at the AFRIKA day in Stay Okay Amsterdam, organised by Wereldwijzer.(

Travel agencies and volunteer organisations got the chance to show their products to the public.

There were luxury and adventure vacations with also the chance to volunteer to do work in orphanages, schools, agricultural projects and to work with wild animals.

With so many people who love Africa there had to be an African market and African Friends was there with the beautiful bead work and good luck dolls(brooches). As well as the sales we were also able to spread the word about our project and make contact with others who shared their experiences of voluntary work in Africa.

This Africa Day is held every year (in February 2013) and for anyone interested in Africa this day is an absolute must!

Newsletter South Africa november 2011

Dear African Friends,

Before 2011 comes to an end a short update from  South Africa.
All the children from Thokomala and Kwamzamo were found to be healthy after being checked over by Doctor Julia  from Big Shoes(see She mailed me to say how impressed she was with their progress.

The results from school have also been good. The school year here ends in December and starts in January with new classes. The children are growing fast and that means new school uniforms and shoes are needed which is an expensive proposition.

That was a good reason for me to take part in the Christmas Market at the school of my grandchildren. We had the local bead work on sale and also Christmas cards. (Photos below).

We are still in the “race” trying to satisfy the conditions to be part of the ‘’Chicken Project”’ and we hope to reach the final round. There are so many organisations interested in this project and in the end it will be Social Welfare who decide the ones that will get the subsidy to start a chicken farm. Starting with a few chickens that will lay the eggs ,of which some will be sold and the remainder hatched , the project will grow and become a source of income. For the local people chicken is an important food ,but of course there is so much involved regarding hygiene and management to get the project up and running.

Several organisations and personal initiatives mean that the children from both homes will be spoilt at Christmas with trips out and presents. We are busy organising this and deciding what will be the surprise for them all this year.(last year they all went to the coast for a few days holiday!).

Thank you for all your support in 2011, dear African Friends. Rest assured that all the hard work , the small or large donations which are very welcome are accepted with thanks and spent in a responsible way .
Special thanks go again to the fantastic team  of Ellen Daams, Ineke van der Gugten and Maureen van Trappe without whose input and perseverance there would be no African Friends!

So, until the next newsletter, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 from South Africa,
On behalf of all the children and mothers of Kwamzomo & Thokomala,

Ngyyabonga e salagathli (thank you and keep well)

Roger and Frederike Macquet

Christmas market in South Africa        


Christmas market in South Africa       


On November 12 2011, African Friends had a stall at the book market in the St. Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem. This was our second book market this year. On a beautiful sunny day in August our stall was in the quaint old district of Vijfhoek, also in Haarlem; this time we were in a fairly chilly church. But that didn’t spoil the fun because, if you felt really cold, you could take a stroll around this huge, glorious church and enjoy the lovely ceilings and stained glass windows.

Visitors could choose the book that caught their eye with the music of the Haarlem Wind Ensemble in the background. The stalls were nicely illuminated and the atmosphere very pleasant.

This market was organised for the 11th time by ‘Kollektorsitem’.

Apart from the books, we were also able to sell the well-known African Friends beadwork, and the total takings were 255 euro, once again a nice sum for the childrens’ homes in South Africa. We also had the opportunity to spread the word about African Friends and the projects it supports.

The books were generously donated to us by friends and acquaintances, so many thanks to all of them. Our ‘sales’ team was reinforced by some expert help from a good friend and Dutch specialist, Hans Wilmink.

Following our reasonably successful efforts at these book markets, we don’t want to stop here and will look for further opportunities. The book acquisition is obviously no problem, but they have to be stored somewhere. If anyone has space available for this we would like to hear from them.

Our next activity will be at the ‘Maternity market’ in the Kennemer Gasthuis (hospital), also in Haarlem.

Bye for now and regards from,

Ellen, Maureen, and Ineke

Bookmarket in Haarlem

Bookmarket in Haarlem

Bookmarket in Haarlem

Bookmarket in Haarlem

Bookmarket in Haarlem



Two very loyal donors to African Friends, Cees and Cunie Prins from Heemstede both celebrated their 75th birthdays and their 45th Wedding Anniversary this year ! They celebrated this very special occasion in the  Molenplas in Haarlem surrounded by their loved ones. Something that was indeed extremely kind of them was to suggest that instead of receiving presents they preferred a donation to be made to African Friends. In a very  uniquely decorated box they received the amount of e175 and themselves gave e75. Last but not least they sold our well known African Friends dolls and raised e60. Isn’t that fantastic?

Cess and Cunie many thanks to you both and we wish you many more happy and healthy years together!


News from South Africa August 2011

Dear All

This time just a short update from my side here in South Africa.

At the moment there isn't much to tell other than that the children in Thokomala and Kwamzamo are all well, they work hard at school and  are well looked after and cared for , thanks to all hard work and donations  from a/o  ,African Friends


Mlungisi and Linda are still doing their utmost best to manage the homes and have all in order.We have regular meetings with them. The local Boards are meeting also on  a regular basis and evaluate and make the day to day decisions needed to run the homes.


The half yearly  medical checks by Big Shoes are done and the dentist and docter visits followed up.

Over the past months the managers have been able to find family members of several children willing and able to take them in their home and look after them. This lightens the financiel stress a bit and in the end will make it possible to have new children placed officially by Child wellfare which will mean they get a grant.


Good news is also that there are still companies interested to make a difference in the lives of the children They organise outings, xmas party's or sports equipment (soccerboots etc).


As said before, all the help and hard work is needed, greatly appreciated and well spend.

Thank you all, Salagathli, Zulu for Keep Well

Roger and Friederike Macquet


Newsletter August 2011

Various activities are organised, both in South Africa and in the Netherlands, to collect funds for the African Friends orphans’ homes.

In addition, certain actions are taken in South Africa which benefit the children directly, such as the annual health screening (Big Shoe), holiday trips around Christmas, the Thokomala painting project and the coming chicken project.

In the Netherlands most of our income comes from donations, and the sale of the beaded dolls and ornaments made in South Africa. We sell these at markets in, for instance, old folks homes, or at other markets. The dolls are also displayed for sale in windows at the Aerdenhout Service Pharmacy and in the Kennemer Gasthuis (hospital) in Haarlem. But there are other activities as well.

Last year in May we organised a sponsored run (proceeds more than 2300 euro) and this year we received a great donation of 2000 euro as a result of an 80th birthday.

In July, for the first time, we had a stall at the flea-market in Noordwijkerhout. The goods for sale were given to us by friends and acquaintances, so everything we sold was pure profit, and came to 400 euro.
Second hand books also did well at the book-market in Haarlem. There we were also able to sell our ornaments and the total proceeds came to 260 euro.

So we are kept busy finding all kinds of ways to get money together to continue supporting the children’s homes.

If anyone has any suggestions to this effect, we’ll be happy to hear from you by email at

For news about the children’s homes, see the newsletter from South Africa by Roger and Frederike.

Regards from the board of African Friends NL: Ellen, Maureen en Ineke



 Newsletter March 2011

Dear All,

Let me begin with apologies that there has not been an update for some time due to our busy lives. Nevertheless there is not a day goes by that Roger and I are not busy with the orphanages, even though we don’t go there on a daily basis. That would not be possible but in connection with leadership and problems we support  them for one hundred per cent. The Financial Year Report is due shortly as soon as Roger has completed those of his companies, and we have regular contact with the managers Linda and Mlungisi.

All the children have been medically checked again by Big Shoes, the organisation that does this for us without any cost. We found out about them when Anele, the small 3 week old baby, lived with us for 6 months. He is very well and has been adopted by very responsible parents. The First Aid kits in Thokomala and Kwamzamo have been checked again together with a hygiene check and other health checks such as dentist etc have been followed up. Everything was in order.

The children are doing well. Cindy, the oldest  girl of 19 has left Thokomala to live with a friend and Thandeka, a 17 year old girl is going to live with her mother who at first was homeless but who now has a friend with a house. There is also a girl of 16 ( I forget her name for the moment)and she is going to live in a house left by her parents who died. There was a family living there but the Chief decided that the children will live there. The oldest child will be the head of the family and the brothers and sisters will live there with her.  These small families are called “child headed households” and when all is in place they will receive benefit or be supported by the community. This is such a different situation compared to European standards but  one gets used to it. (one has to!)

At this time there are 32,000 overdue requests for new benefits. One hundred thousand children are without benefits. One of the reasons is that every 2 years the benefits have to be renewed(the children have to be checked by the social worker who has to send her results to the court to be processed further). But there is no time because there is such a huge backlog. So children who had benefits and desperately need them, lose them and it is 2 years later when they get their turn again. So this explains why we have not received any benefits all those years—a question of the social worker passing the ball to the court and then back to the social worker. The newspapers are full of this topic!

Fortunately we do have 4 children who are fully screened in Thokomala and receive benefit. So there is a start and this gives us a little more breathing space. An official foster mother has been chosen for them and she has to comply with all conditions for this post. Her name is Nomusa and she is connected to these children for life as their foster mother.
In the meantime there is a trainee social worker chosen too, and her name is Samke who is supervised by an experienced social worker. She is going to occupy herself with all the necessary formalities in order to speed up the process of benefits. It costs us a lot because we have to pay her a salary and also transport and telephone costs but we trust that is a worthwhile investment. Cluster Foster Homes are the only communities who receive benefits(cluster foster homes are homes for 6 children with 1 mother). The alterations we made to the houses were the right decision and had we not made the investment, we would have now been far behind in the whole process.

An accountants firm, CCA, has sponsored us for years for Thokomala and have again renewed their sponsorship for a year and also increased the amount. This was so necessary and in spite of their tremendous loyalty we are still short of funds.

There is some good news about a new project which is still very much in its infancy. The orphanages, mothers and managers are going to start a “chicken project” subsidised by the government. They will look after quite a large number of small chickens and sell them when they are bigger. Of course it is hoped that there will be a healthy ‘’chicken family expansion” to increase the numbers. In short, an income generating project! We have passed all the formalities to start this project as soon as we have found suitable land because of course, understandably, it  can not be on the land next to the orphanages due  to health restrictions.

As soon as everything is organised I will of course let you all know. It will be a fantastic financial support  to our projects, and what is most important, a continuing independency financially. But we still have to carry on fundraising ourselves even though the plan is to start the project this year.( ho ho ho,cock- a- doodle- doo, patience, this is Africa!)


is a home for Aids-affected children, to the south of Durban. It was started by Raymond Madondo and a local committee in response to the traditional and local leaders’ request to enable these children to be cared for within their community rather than be sent away from their areas to formal children’s homes. There are no homes in their direct areas.